Lock Box or After Hour Procedures

Lock box procedures are very specific and need to be followed closely. Each person should avoid missing a pickup and potentially ruining any specimens.

Lab personnel should first check the yellow card in the lock box. The card has two sections. The left side of the card is for the lab tech to complete. The first four columns should be filled in every day — even if it’s not in use. In the first column, list the date. In the second column, list the time you placed the specimens. In the third column, list the number of specimens you put out for the day. The last column is reserved for your signature.

The right side of the card is for the driver to check. These columns mirror the ones on the left. When the driver arrives at his/her destination, he/she will reference the information on the left side of the card to make sure the items are ready for pick-up.

If there are no specimens in the box, and the card is not signed, then the driver will look to see if there are cars in the parking lot. He/she will try to enter the building to find the best contact for the package. If there are no cars present and no one is in the building, the driver will sign his/her side of the card and call the lab to inform them that the shipment will be delayed. This same process is applicable for the lab tech. If the lab tech notices the driver has already fill out his/her side of the card, then the tech should contact Stat Delivery to request another driver be dispatched to pick-up the specimens.

Temperature control items should be used in the lock box along with your specimens. All specimens that should be kept at a similar temperature should be placed together inside a larger bag. Be careful not to mix specimens of differing temperatures. Secure all specimens in the lock box.

If the lab tech notices the drivers’ signature on the appropriate side for the day, then he/she should assume the driver has already stopped by for the day. The lab tech should contact Stat Delivery to request another driver or inquire about additional options.

Please have your specimens ready for pick-up at your regular time. Your driver is on a very tight schedule and has little time to spare.

When in doubt, please contact the Stat Delivery office. A member of our team will be glad to assist you. Please request to speak with a Shift Supervisor for any shipping or tracking-related questions.

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